The deaf students of Cornerstone Baptist Deaf Academy (CBDA) are engaged in livelihood projects such as String Art, Bead Work, and Recycled Potato Chip bags to name a few. What started out as classroom projects in "Home Economics" has evolved into Income Generating Projects (IGP). The idea of a sustainable livelihood has inspired all of us to use the IGP to subsidize the other daily needs of the older students such as transportation fare, toiletries, and other basic needs. 

These livelihood projects provide a way for our students to make extra income but most especially a sense of fulfillment as they become productive citizens of the community. 

String Art Frames

String art frames came about when two of our deaf students meld their ideas into creating a beautiful piece of work using only nails and decorative threads to render elegance to the usual geometrical metal frame. Each frame finishes with a different interpretation of popular symbols of faith such as "Praying Hands", "Jesus' Cross", "The Jeepney", "Bahay-Kubo" (Philippine Hut), to name a few. To finish each piece is a Scriptural verse to highlight the significance of the symbols.

The Beaded Artwork

Beaded-Bible case, cellphone case, purses, wallets, keychains, penholder, ornaments are hand sewn by our deaf students using colorful beads and strings. With the exception of small coin purses, keychains, penholder and ornaments,each product is also line with fabric that matches the color of the beads.

Example of Beaded-Bible case

Recycled potato chips

Ornate purses, wallets, pen/pencil cases from recycled potato chip bags. Discarded foil packets and sachets of potato chips turned inside out, otherwise, folded into meticulous layers turn into chic fashion bags. Each bag goes into tedious process of cleaning and hand weaving accordion folds of chip foils by our deaf students. Our potato chip purses and wallets come in bold silver finish, geometrical patterns, motley colors and the original tags of the chip themselves.